‘Anemoia’ is a collection based on my Grandma. It is a tribute to her, one of the best and strongest people I knew. I created this project by focussing on my memories and using the items she had collected over the years. I found her old suitcases, yarns, knitting needles, household items and jewellery. Creating mood boards and mixed media ideas to spawn a collection. I experimented with knitting, using colours that were found within her collections: browns, reds, oranges and yellows. Colours that make you think of the 70s.

I knew I wanted to create a garment. A garment inspired by her life in the 70s; I heard stories about the yellow flares she wore and her 70s hair. I feel nostalgic for this time, even though I wasn’t there. Anemoia. Perhaps the many trips to the farm she grew up on in the Peak District, or the many stories about this time, the passed down Cindy Doll, the trusty Nekki Sewing Machine, made me feel this way.

I created this dress, making the pattern from start to finish. I used a domestic knitting machine and finished off the edges with crochet. On top of the garment I developed a series of woven fabrics.

Photography: Laura Hines