‘Welcome to Wonderland’

‘Welcome to Wonderland’ is an exploration into my superstitions and mental health. I used a magpie feather (I have to salute to a magpie and say ‘good morning Mr. Magpie’ whenever I see one) to find my colour palette. When you look closely it is irredescent with jewell toned purples, blues and greens. I also made a mood diary to track my mental health. It was a visual diary, I created shapes and patterns, used different forms of media which represented my moods. You can clearly see the emotions and how I laid down the paints or other medium, the expression behind each day. I used these patterns and depictions to translate into knits. 

The garment I created consisted of second hand and vintage yarns. I put out a message on a Facebook page for my home village back in Suffolk asking if anyone had any yarns. They pulled through, I soon had loads of yarn that would otherwise go to waste. I used both domestic and industrial knitting machines on this dress. Swarovski crystal beads finished it off. 

Crystals also played a massive part in this garment, I have a ritual in which I use my crystals and yoga to heal my soul and better my mental health. I noticed that the magpie feather and my crystals held many of the same colours in my palette.

Using my superstitions, crystals and mood diary to help I created this garment. Styling wise I was inspired by my favourite era, the late 60s and early 70s. The era of psychedlic fashion, counter-culture and hippies. Another passion that fills me with joy and contentment.

Photography: Charlie Ann Buxton

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