‘Deeper into Wonderland’

‘Deeper into Wonderland’ follows on from ‘Welcome to Wonderland’. This time it became much more personal. I explored my life with bipolar and my recovery from anorexia, continuing the mood diary and questioning the way my brain works. Sleep deprivation and detoriating physical health became a daily part of my life, weekly visits to the hospital and blood tests, thrice weekly therapy all whilst completing my degree. This collection focuses deeply on my mood diary, my daily life and the things I did to try and make it better. I managed to find a correlation between my hypomanic episodes and the way I treated my body, I tended to work on myself more than when depressed. Although hypomania does have its serious problems in itself it is interesting to see how I was more open to continue with recovery. Obviously it came with very little sleep, hallucinations, delusions and other threatening symptoms. It is shown in the diary and my exploratory art which guided me to a final outcome. Furthermore, you can see how medication bought about stabilty for me.

I played with humour throughout this project, one of my coping mechanisms. the whole project in itself actually helped my mental health because it made me really look at my life and strive for a better relationship with myself and food.

I continued to find my colour palette from crystals and feathers- this time peacock feathers. I also continued using second hand yarns and deadstock vintage ones. Much of my yarn came from a little place in Manchester, which I took a 6 hour coach to with a broken foot, to search for the perfect second-hand fibres. I also developed my own crystals this time, experimenting with borax, salt and other substances. I produced a dress, skirt and choker along side fabric samples. Again I used both domestic and industral knitting machines. I also used crochet, hand embroidery, professional embroidery machines and free machine embroidery.

Photography: Hannah Conway

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